How to Catch Kittens

April 19, 2022

Step One:

Have a large, dog-free backyard.

Step Two:

Put out a dish of cat food.

Step Three:

Ta-da!  Kittens!

Ta-da! Kittens!

Step Four:

Repeat steps one and two.   For the rest of your life!



Kilroy was here

April 7, 2022

This always appears during times of war.

What was Joe Biden thinking?

April 1, 2022

What was Joe Biden thinking?

“When Mickey Mouse’s big hand reaches the twelve and his little hand touches the four, the nice lady will buy me some ice cream.”

OMG! David Tennant set some woman’s car on fire

March 11, 2022

Man accused of setting car on fire

Fake News!  It’s just some guy who kind of, sort of looks a little bit not unlike David Tennant.

As far as anyone knows the Scottish born actor has never set anything of any significance on fire, with the exception of the hearts and imaginations of young girls and women around the globe with his charming good looks and disarming personality.

Creating fake news is so easy.  I could get a job writing for NBC, CBS or ABC News.   Or even MSNBC or CNN.   But not The National Enquirer (they have higher ethical standards).

Biden declares 5G a failure

March 1, 2022

Biden talking on mask-phone

President Joe Biden declared 5G cell phone technology a failure when his super-secret mask-phone failed to either send or receive a signal.

Fake News! But completely believable.