Snobby Linux Elite Series (Reprinted)

Snobby Linux Elite

Every group, almost every forum (not this one), and anyplace you can find a so-called “expert” has them. The snobby elite computer guru who looks down his nose at the newbies in frustration because he has to talk down to their level.

Here is a good example.

I dislike this attitude that as Linux evolves it becomes more and more like Windows. Linux is what Linux is. If it becomes too much like Windows for your taste, then build your own distribution. Only Linux gives you the opportunity to do just that.

I also hate some of these bloggers who believe that their chosen distribution is best and that your distribution is pile of worthless garbage. I don’t care which flavor of Linux you use as long as it works and makes you happy. In the end, that’s the goal of Linux.



The nitpicking has got to stop!

Who cares what you call it? You can call it GNU/Linux or you can call it Linux or you can even call every distribution Ubuntu.

The goal is to promote Linux. To get the word out that you do have an alternative to the big corporation’s we’re-going-to-ram-this-operating-system-down-your-throat advertising campaigns.

So call it whatever you want. It’s unimportant.

Here we go again…

The Free Software Foundation is taking pot-shots at Windows 7.

This is so petty and so pointless. If you snobby elitists would concern yourselves with the task of making your product better and not worry what the other guy is doing, you might actually produce the world’s greatest software.

This is such a waste of time and energy. No one gives a flying <bleep> what operating system you use except you. Use Windows, use Linux, use Mac, use whatever you like. Just stop trying to tell us that your choice is the superior chosen-by-God-Himself perfect OS. Because it’s not! All of them are flawed.


Which operating system you use is not as important as how you use that operating system.

The operating system is a means to an end, not an end unto itself.

Here is another good example of Windows bashing.

Which Linux Is Best?

Here we go again!

Ken Hess comes out with his list of the best Linux distributions of 2009. So his buddy at has to come out with his list of the best Linux distributions.

So who’s right?


The best Linux distribution is entirely relative. The best Linux is the Linux that works best for you. That’s why there are so many different Linux distributions. If there was one “best” there would be only one, like Windows or Mac.

The “best” Linux is the one you that you choose. You have the power to decide. And if you don’t like your first choice, you can try another one. And it’s all done for free.

So which Linux is the best?

You are the only one who knows that.


6 Responses to “Snobby Linux Elite Series (Reprinted)”

  1. linuxcanuck Says:

    I tend to agree with most of your points which is ironic since your first link is to my blog.

    What you do not say is that Linux is a distinct operating system with a long history that pre-dates Windows, if you go back to its Unix core. I have no problem with Linux evolving. But I don’t think that it needs to be compared to Windows to be viewed as successful.

    My blog is based on my extensive experience helping newbies, most of whom come from Windows backgrounds. Their transition is hampered by retaining Windows thinking. They wonder about things that have no place in Linux such as where are exe files or how do I defragment? Their perception is that the Windows way is best and that because we do not do it that way then we must change to conform to Windows standards.

    We need to confront this head on and show them that Linux does things its own way and that it is not only as good, but in most instances, it is better.

    If this is elitist then we have different notions of what the term means. Being distinct does not imply being elitist. Pointing out Windows deficiencies is not elitist either. After all the users have left Windows for a better experience. It is staying real.

    There are elitists in Linux. They are the purists who rail against change, advocate the commandline for everything even if it is more work, and insist on political correctness. These are the ones that criticise you for using Linux instead of GNU/Linux. They also do not want to integrate newbies which they see as contaminating the purity. It is their way or no way. If you read my other blog postings you will see that I take them head on.

    I use Kubuntu, but try most distros. I encourage the use of all distributions and try to point people to the one that works best for them. Our strength is in our diversity and not in remaining pure and trying to conform to anybody’s notion of what it should be.

    I disagree that the FSF should not take pot shots at Windows. Ballmer and company certainly don’t shy from taking pot shots at free software which they look at with horror. Our very existence troubles them.

    Windows is getting a free ride. People are being spoon fed pablum. They do not know of Linux because it has no retail presence and it has no corporate entity with a spokesperson and leadership. This is good, BTW. However, we need the Richard Stallmans and Mark Shuttleworths to speak up and serve as our conscience and vision (respectively). Otherwise we would have neither due to our fractious structure. We need more people to speak out, not fewer.

    Congratulations on your blog! It was informative and right on for the most part.

  2. jimbo Says:

    Excellent article! I couldn’t agree more. Linux has plenty of room for improvement and nothing is going to change until developers start listening to bloggers like you.

    Good work!

    • The Doctor Says:

      Thank you, jimbo! Linux is a force to be reckoned with — even Microsoft knows that. Give it time and Linux will be in more homes and businesses.

  3. Kisteffitte Says:

    I have to agree. There are many in the Linux community who are too over zealous. It’s just an operating system, not God. Lighten up people! You’re supposed to enjoy it and have fun with it, not worship it.

  4. Sarty Says:

    Dead on correct! The snobs need to go.

  5. iniseekninide Says:

    Spammming blogs is bad for one’s reputation.

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