The Ubuntu Brand Name (Reprinted)

Ubuntu has become the brand name for Linux.

And although I use a completely different distro, this is still an important and significant shift in the Linux world. There necessarily needs to be a single identifiable Linux name.

Just as Coke and Pepsi are known the world over, the name Ubuntu will become, or has become, just as distinguished and recognizable. Anything that gets Linux firmly planted in the computer culture worldwide is good for all Linux distributions, because it adds a sense of legitimacy to the entire movement.

Another thing that Canonical (Ubuntu’s parent company) did right was to create a recognizable graphical symbol for Ubuntu. So if you see Ubuntu displayed in Japanese, for example, you would still know that it’s Ubuntu because of that symbol.

This is something that many other Linux distros lack.

Even the name Ubuntu is becoming synonymous with Linux; even to the point of being interchangeable. That’s normal in the eyes of novices who have heard of nothing else besides Ubuntu.

I still don’t think it’s a good distribution for beginners. It requires too much command line knowledge. But you have to recognize the fact that they did an excellent job of marketing the operating system.


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