Join Our Forum – Only $50 Per Year (Reprinted)

Yes, now you too can join this computer forum for as little as $49.95 per year. That’s 30% off the normal monthly subscription rate of $5.95.

No, not Computer Forum’z. This forum is free for one and all.

The Kim Komando Message Board is a paid, subscription-only forum.

You should NEVER be required to pay to be a member of a forum. The entire purpose of a forum is the free flow of information and opinions. The idea of a membership fee stands in direct opposition to everything a forum represents.

It’s one thing to ask for donations, it’s pure greed to require payment before allowing new members to post questions or comments.

And the worst part of this lies in the fact that Kim Komando herself does not answer any of your questions. In fact, in the only posts that actually claim to be written by Komando herself, you are not allowed to post a response since all her posts are closed to additional comments.

So what are you actually getting for your yearly $49.95 payment? Nothing. You get to line Kim’s pockets with your hard earned cash. But you get no more benefit than what you could find at any of a hundred other free forums.

Kim Komando has proven that this self-proclaimed “Digital Goddess” is nothing more than a digital opportunist.


5 Responses to “Join Our Forum – Only $50 Per Year (Reprinted)”

  1. The Doctor Says:

    My good friend Marty has pointed out correctly that the software Komando uses for her forum is FREE software. And her Web hosting seems to be provided by the WestStar TalkRadio Network. So the entire forum costs her nothing and yet she wants to charge you $50 a year to use it.

    Does that sound fair to you?

  2. spyware 2009 Says:

    This is an epic article, I’ll be sure to add this site to my list 😀

  3. The Doctor Says:

    Looks like I’m not the only one who has a problem with Kim Komando:


  4. adagmetretrem Says:


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