Introducing Again (Reprinted)

The following was posted on my personal Web site on March 23, 2003:

Katie Doland has taken the core concept of a Blog and turned it into a fresh, new experience.  But that’s not the amazing thing about Katie Doland.

You can read Katie’s online journal and gain massive insights about her world.  Her approach to life makes this Web site an absolute treasure.  But that’s not the amazing thing about Katie Doland.

Browse through Katie’s collection of original poetry.  These incredibly sophisticated works contain some of the most fascinating imagery.  In some instances, Katie has managed to encapsulate exactly how it feels to be her.  Being able to convey the essence of yourself in a few words is a skill most writers never master.  Katie has not only excelled in this task, but she makes the impossible look effortless.  But that’s not the amazing thing about Katie Doland.

Katie is a Junior in High School.  That’s the amazing thing about Katie Doland.

For this gifted young lady to be writing at the level she is now, by the time she completes her Undergraduate courses in College, Katie will most certainly be an accomplished author.  She’s poised to follow in the footsteps of Bonnie Burton and Sarah D. Bunting, and beyond.   On the Internet, there are no limits.

Katie Doland no longer posts her writings on her Web site.  She’s posted something even more interesting.

As the producer of a student-made documentary, Katie has shown exceptional creativity.  This short production follows a group of modern hippies who have found a unique method of recycling refuge.  Fine Diving is well worth your viewing time.

While you’re there, check out Katie’s resume.

I’m looking forward to seeing more great things from Katie Doland in the future.  But I can’t help wondering if she still puts blue writing on blue paper.


One Response to “Introducing Again (Reprinted)”

  1. calzen Says:

    Awesome video. Thanks for the link.

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