Why Was I Banned? (Reprinted)

One of our recently banned spammers has gone to great lengths to contact me directly to find out why he/she was banned from this forum.  It’s a legitimate question and one am only to happy to answer directly.

You were banned for attempting to advertise your business Web site on this forum.  But there is more to it than just that.

In his/her own words:

Not even remembering being a member (of this forum), I figured I would check it out.  Having joined so many I usually log in if I catch a referral like that and change contact info, see if someone asked me a question, etc.

When I logged in I got an alert saying I was banned forever for spamming the forum.

I clearly did not do this so I suspect my account was comprimised (sic).

Clearly you do not understand the definition of spam.  Spam is any unpaid advertising that directly benefits financially the individual posting the advertisement.

To qualify this you can simply type my name into google.  I have never spammed anyone.  I am a ~age removed~ y/o business owner.  I provide SEO Services and Marketing.  I know better

Yes, you are a business owner and the Web site you are promoting is your business Web site.  That’s spam.

But there is more to this story.  “Having joined so many (forums)…”  Yes, you have.  And I did Google your user name and found you at multiple forums, many of which also prominently display a link to your business Web site.

So you are not just a spammer, you are a serial spammer.

But wait, there’s more.  “I provide SEO Services…”  Yes, you do.  Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the goal of many spammers.  These spammers attempt to place their link on as many Web sites as possible in an attempt to increase their Google rankings.  These spammers are often referred to as “Link Farmers.”

What these spammers fail to understand, however, is if Google thinks that you are “link farming” to increase your search engine rankings, they will block you from showing up in any search results.

But that’s not all:

but (sic), more noteworthy, why would I spam some forum using my own name and business details?

It’s because you are using your real name that makes you a spammer.  You are trying to promote your “business details” on the multitude of forums where you are a member.

I am a respected member here ~link removed~

My rep to post count is through the roof.

I don’t care about other forums.  I care about this forum.

I’ve seen plenty of forums and other Web sites that allow all kinds of spam to be posted.  But that is irrelevant.

This Web site is paid for partially by the legitimate advertising that is displayed on many of our pages.  Why should the administrator allow you to promote and profit from advertising your business on this forum free of charge?

Is that a good business practice?  Do you allow other businesses to advertise on your Web site free of charge?


So what makes you think that you’re so special that you should be allowed to advertise here for free?

If you would like to advertise on this forum, I’m sure we can arrange very reasonable rates that will not put too much of a strain on your advertising budget.

There is a link at the bottom of every page of this forum labeled “Contact us.”  This is a direct link to the owner and administrator of this forum.  His name is maverick.


5 Responses to “Why Was I Banned? (Reprinted)”

  1. sharri Says:

    Hey, I think I know this guy! Are his initials N L by any chance?

  2. TGMcCoy Says:

    Very shorts, simple and easy to understand, bet some more comments from your side would be great

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    It’s what I am looking for.
    Hope to know more member here.

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