Search Engine Optimization (Reprinted)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the biggest scams on the Internet today.

Companies that claim they can take your hard earned cash and turn your Web site into the first search result that Google displays are ripping you off royally!  No company can make these guarantees.

You don’t need an SEO company at all.  You are the best promoter of your Web site, because no one else is as passionate about your Web site as you.  Sure, a SEO marketing firm will take your money, but they also represent hundreds of other sites.  Other sites that may be in direct competition with your site.  You can’t all be number one.

What makes a Web site great and ultimately high in Google rankings is content.  Good solid content.

If your Web site says “Under Construction” on every page for the past six to eight months, chances are no one will want to visit your site.  On the other hand, if your site contains a wealth of information that is updated regularly, people will find your site.

Content is the reason the Internet exists.

There are some things you can do to help your site get noticed.  Place a strong, well-defined title on your homepage.  This is the text that is displayed at the very top of a user’s Web browser.  Your title should state the name of your Web site followed by a brief description of what your site is all about.  Keep the title short and concise.

A lengthy and detailed description of your site can be placed on the homepage.  Preferably this should be the first paragraph on the homepage.

Tags don’t work.  We’ve all seen Web sites that contain blocks of nothing but a list of words separated and isolated in a box all by themselves.  These tags are placed there in the hopes that a search engine will link to that page whenever someone enters one of those words in a search inquiry.

There are two reasons why tags fail to work.  First, everyone places these tags on their Web pages.  So many tags on so many pages makes a single word by itself meaningless.  Second, for the most part search engines ignore tags.  Don’t waste your time creating them.

Besides, tags make your Web site look cheap and trashy.

When someone visits your Web site their first impression is still the most important.  Keep your Web site neat, clean and uncluttered.  Make the navigation easy to understand and use.  A dysfunctional site severs no purpose.  Keep it simple!  Give your visitors a good experience.

Promote your content, not your site.  No one cares that you have a Web site, but people will care about what your site contains.  Digg is a great resource for promoting any non-commercial articles that you have created.  But don’t just post your own material.  Help promote the things that you are most passionate about that you find on other Web sites.

Give back to the Internet what you have taken from it.

Don’t spam!  Everyone hates spam and spammers.  Make sure that you have permission to post your link on someone else’s Web site.  Exchange links.  Many sites, especially bloggers, will be more than happy to place a link to your Web site on their Web site if you place a link to their Web site on your Web site.

The Internet does not exist to serve you.  Be part of a community, not just a self-centered, self-serving promoter who thinks that the Universe revolves around you.  Praise and encourage others.

Be polite.  Never use profanity.  Always remember to thank those who have helped you.  And be patient.  Don’t worry about becoming an over-night sensation.  Don’t get discouraged.  Keep creating original content.

All these suggestions will drive traffic to your Web site and consequently increase your search engine rankings.


15 Responses to “Search Engine Optimization (Reprinted)”

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