How to replace the Gnome-screensaver with Xscreensaver (Reprinted)

The Linux screensavers can be controlled and configured using several different front-end (GUI) applications. In the Gnome desktop environment (default in Ubuntu), you have a choice of applications.

My distro (Ultimate Edition) came with the Gnome screensaver pre-installed. However, the Xscreensaver application contains additional features that I find quite useful. So I replaced the pre-installed Gnome screensaver with the Xscreensaver application.

The first step was to remove one and install the other via Synaptic. I typed “screensaver” in the search function in Synaptic and marked the following for removal:


And then marked the following for installation:


Additional packages I installed include the following:


Once the removal and installation was complete, I had to configure my system so that the Xscreensaver application would launch when I start my computer.

I clicked on System > Preferences > Startup Applications. Select the “+ Add” button. In the “Edit Startup Program” dialog box I set the name as Xscreensaver, the Command as xscreensaver, and the Comment as Default screensaver.

Startup Applications program

Click the Save button and close Startup Applications.

Now, log out and log back in. The Xscreensaver starts automatically.

You can now configure the Xscreensaver application by going to System > Preferences > Screensaver.


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