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Web Site Advertising Placement

May 28, 2013

When placing an advertisement for real estate on a Web page, it’s a good idea not to put it in proximity to a news story showing the devastation caused by recent tornadoes.   It just doesn’t look right.

Open House Advertisement


More Linux Snobbery

May 11, 2013

A recent comments thread posted on Linux news site is an excellent real-world example of more Linux snobbery.

Linux snob example

The original poster, fatih, asked a legitimate question.  Someone calling themselves Courage responded with, “STFW” (search the f***ing Web).

This type of response makes Linux users look rude, crude, and uncaring.  Courage’s reply was extremely inappropriate and wholly unnecessary.  Fortunately, another poster called mexsudo rectified the situation by posting a link to the information fatih very politely requested.