Updating In Linux Mint 13

Recommended updates available for Linux Mint 13

The Update Manager in Linux Mint is letting you know that you have four recommended updates that are ready to download and install.  Click on the shield icon and enter your user password.

Update manager in Linux Mint 13

Your updates are now listed.  Click on the “Install Updates” button to automatically download and install these updates.

That’s it, right?  Maybe not.

Linux Mint contains another program used to update and install software.  Synaptic can be found in your System > Administration menu.  When you launch this program and click on the “Status” button, you may find that there are more updates.

Synaptic still shows updates are available

The Update Manager is not showing any additional updates, but Synaptic says otherwise.  Staying with the default settings, the Update Manager will not display firmware or kernel updates.  It’s a good idea to check Synaptic at least once a month for these updates.

Click on and highlight the update(s).  Right-click and select “Mark for Upgrade” in the menu list.

Mark for Upgrade

Click the large “Apply” button.

Synaptic update summary

The summary indicates that one program or file will be upgraded.  Click the “Apply” button at the bottom of the box to begin the upgrade.

Downloading and installing updates in Synaptic

The file will be automatically downloaded and installed.  Your Linux Mint system is now fully up-to-date.

It’s that simple!


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