Fight Spam With WINE

No one likes to see spam (unsolicited advertising and scams) in their email inbox.  The problem is that automated computer Spam filtering software can often delete important legitimate messages.  The solution for those receiving email through their ISP (Internet Service Provider) via a POP3 account is to manually eliminate unwanted email before you download it to your computer.

Email Remover 2.4 is a free solution for any computer user.  Linux users especially will find this handy program runs very well under WINE.  There is nothing to install.  Simply download the file and extract the contents to a folder in your Home directory.

Email Remover 2.4 files

Right-click on the eremove.exe file and select “Open With Wine Windows Program Loader” or use the “Open With” option and select WINE as the default program.

Right-click on eremove.exe to open with WINE

Once you have configured Email Remover 2.4, you can access your email account.

Email Remover Main Screen


Click “Next” to see a list of emails in your account.

Email Remover Select Screen


Click to highlight any or all emails you wish to remove from the email server.  You can also right-click on any individual email to preview that message.  Click “Next” to confirm your selections.

Email Remover Confirm Box


The spam is then wiped from the server.  You can now download your filtered email.  It’s that simple!

Email Remover 2.4 finished screen

Linux users should take full advantage of WINE and free Windows software.  It’s a fantastic method for adding even greater value to an already amazing free operating system.  The best of both worlds, you might say.



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