Abandon Ye The Linux Command Line

The Linux command line interface is an extremely useful tool.  It expands the overall functionality of the Linux experience by giving users access to programs that otherwise may not have a graphical user interface.

To the lifelong Microsoft Windows or Apple Mac user, however, the command line just looks like this:

The Linux command line as perceived by a Windows user

A complete pile of nonsensical crap!

It’s also the basis for attack FUD (fear, uncertainty and doubt) by fanboys and paid commenters\bloggers\trolls, who routinely post on various websites in an attempt to discredit Linux and dissuade users from considering Linux as a viable alternative to their current operating system.

The average user isn’t going to know to download the source code and compile it to run their apps…  Using linux is the absolute worst thing you can do in this situation.

The preceding FUD is a complete and total lie.  Repeat a lie enough times and people will start to believe it.

I’ve been using Linux since 2008 and have never once had to compile a program or kernel update.  The Linux desktop environments, in all their various forms, are just as point-and-click user-friendly as MS Windows, if not more so.

From a purely marketing standpoint, if you want more people to convert to Linux, you must convince them that they already possess the intuitive computer skills needed to use a Linux-based operating system.

There is no learning curve.  Anyone who can use a Windows or Mac PC will have no difficulty switching to Linux.

There is a bigger learning curve going from the PC environment to an iPhone or Android-based user interface.  But millions of people have adapted.

Continue posting tutorials about the use of the Linux command line.  That information is important.  And whenever possible, include instructions for the GUI version of that same task.  Please don’t fuel the FUD.

We want more people to know that Linux is just as easy to use as Windows or Mac.  Help spread the word.



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