ShieldsUP, Captain!

With all the software vulnerabilities and successful hacking attempts recently, it’s time to recheck the effectiveness of your firewall.

ShieldsUP! logo from -

The Gibson Research Corporation offers a free real-world test.  Just click on ShieldsUP > Proceed > All Service Ports and run the test.

What you are hoping to see is your system in total stealth mode:

ShieldsUP! results for the Amped Wireless R10000G router

And what you are hoping to read in the results comments is:

Your system has achieved a perfect “TruStealth” rating. Not a single packet — solicited or otherwise — was received from your system as a result of our security probing tests. Your system ignored and refused to reply to repeated Pings (ICMP Echo Requests). From the standpoint of the passing probes of any hacker, this machine does not exist on the Internet. Some questionable personal security systems expose their users by attempting to “counter-probe the prober”, thus revealing themselves. But your system wisely remained silent in every way. Very nice.

A perfect score!

This was achieved through the use of an Amped Wireless R10000G router.  The router acts as a hardware and software firewall.  But not all routers respond in the same way.

Just because you have a router does not necessarily mean that you will achieve these same results.  It’s vitally important that you check your router’s security.

If your router does not pass the GRC ShieldsUP test, you may need to alter some security settings within your router to get better results.  Please check your router manufacturer’s website for more information.

Be safe out there!


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