The Case of the Disappearing WordPress Images

Image failed to load error.

It’s a mystery that has baffled WordPress bloggers for several years.

Graphics that once displayed proudly suddenly vanish from random pages.  The images are not visible even within the blogger’s own media library in their WordPress account.

Speculation and theories have been postulated to explain this strange anomaly.  However, none of them to date have conclusively identified the cause of the problem.

Some claim that  various WordPress plug-ins are to blame.  Others maintain that embedded file permissions prevent the images from being displayed.  A few even accuse recent WordPress upgrades of changing graphics codecs to new standards incompatible with older formatted files.

This site had a total of nine image files that suddenly would not display in a multitude of different browsers.  The images were still there; they took up measurable space on the WordPress server but could not be rendered on the page.

The solution is quite simple:  Convert the images to a different file format.

Any graphics manipulation program, like Microsoft Paint, can be used to convert file formats by using the Save as feature under the File menu.

Delete the old graphics files from your WordPress media library, upload the newly converted images, and edit the appropriate pages to embed the new pictures.  Preview and update the page.

This process is a bit inconvenient, but it does fix the problem.

Oh, by the way, you have been backing up your WordPress blog pages, right?



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