Newegg Specifications Not Always Accurate is my favourite online store for computer and technology related purchases.

However, they are not always accurate when it comes to the specifications list of some products.

For example, a currently offered refurbished desktop computer claims that the processor installed is a quad-core (4-core) chip:

Newegg specifications list

According to Intel, this CPU is only a dual-core (2-core) CPU:

Intel E7500 number of cores

Some Intel processors utilize hyper-threading technology.  This enables each core of a multi-core processor to do the work of two cores.  So a hyper-threaded dual-core processor could act as a quad-core chip.  But this is not the case:

Intel E7500 Hyper-Threading Specifications

This particular Intel chip is not hyper-threaded.

This is not the first instance of errors found in Newegg specifications lists.  These mistakes are not intentional on the part of Newegg.  They are simply reprinting the specifications that may have been provided to them by resellers or other sources.

Newegg needs to recheck their specifications lists for accuracy.  In the meantime, consumers should exercise caution when purchasing anything online.  A little bit of research is in everyone’s best interest.

Trust, but verify.


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