Make Firefox The Default Browser In Windows 10

An Open Letter to Microsoft’s CEO: Don’t Roll Back the Clock on Choice and Control

Step One:

Install Firefox on Windows 10.

Step Two:

Go to Settings > System:

Got to Settings > System

Step Three:

Click on Default apps > Web browser and select Firefox:

Change Browser Default to Firefox

Step Four:

Confirm that Firefox is now your default browser:

Firefox is now the default browser

Step Five:

Launch Firefox and right-click on a blank area next to the open tab to turn on the Menu Bar, which is NOT turned on by default (are you listening, Chris Beard?):

Turn on Menu Bar in Firefox

Step Six:

Go to Tools > Options:

Select Options from the Tools menu

Step Seven:

Under the General tab, make sure that Firefox stays as your default browser:

Firefox General Tab


You must do these steps when you first install Firefox or you upgrade your computer to Windows 10.  There is nothing sinister, underhanded or malicious about this process.  You just have to be smarter than the software.



One Response to “Make Firefox The Default Browser In Windows 10”

  1. The Doctor Says:

    Dear Chris Beard,

    First you removed our right to choose Google as the default search engine in Firefox:

    Then you removed our right to choose whether or not to allow Flash to run in Firefox:

    Next you limited support in Firefox 40:

    And now YOU are complaining that upgrading to Windows 10 changes the default browser to Microsoft’s Edge. Really?

    Is it any wonder that Firefox is losing the browser war to Chrome?

    The preferred method for installing any operating system is to do a clean install:

    In which case, Firefox or Chrome will have to be downloaded and installed before setting either as the default browser.

    Your childish rant is an insult to computer users! Do you really think that people are that stupid that they don’t know how to set the default browser in Windows?

    You make the software. We’ll make the choices.

    Yours truly,
    The Doctor

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