Your Lame Claim To Fame Is Such A Crying Shame

"Weird Al" - Lame Claim To Fame Video

“Weird Al” got it right.  If you are posting the following statement on your Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, LinkedIn, MySpace, Instagram, Blog, or any other website on the Internet:

“I know famous people.”

Then you truly have a delusional lame claim to fame.

You may have met someone famous, you may have had your picture taken with someone famous, you may have had a conversation with someone famous, but that doesn’t mean that you know someone famous.

When was the last time any of these famous people came over to your house for dinner?  Or gave you their personal cell phone number?  Or sent you an email or text?  How many of these famous people that you have had sex with can even remember your name?

Never!  None!  No!  In your dreams!

The problem with your lame claim to fame lies in the word “know,” which can simply mean “to have knowledge of.”  In that case, we all know someone famous.  But that’s not how you want us to interpret your claim.  You want us to believe that famous people are your biggest, best friends in the whole wide world.

Church Lady Meme

Sorry, I’m not buying it.  And neither is anyone else who happens to stubble upon your web page.  We just roll our eyes at you and move on.  You get one shot at making a first impression and you blew it.

Associating yourself with famous people gives you a false sense of also being famous.  You want to be famous without having to go through the process of becoming famous.  You want instant fame.  And you think that the Internet can give that to you.

What makes you think that you deserve to be famous?

You spread your name all over the Web like it means something.  You sprawl your name across all of your photos in a vain attempted to ensure your copyright.

Those blurry, dark pictures you took with your iPhone are worthless.  They are even more worthless since you wrote your name and copyright in big letters over the picture.

This image copyrighted

The point of posting pictures on the Internet is to add value to your website.  The image above is completely useless because the ugly copyright notification covers all the beauty beneath.

You are never going to make any money from your photography.  And if someone did steal one of your pictures and displayed it on their website, what are you going to do about it?  Are you going to hire a lawyer and file a lawsuit?  Seriously?

Put the unaltered photos online and let your visitors do with them as they please.

Beautiful Flower

Beautiful Flower 1600×1200 (click to enlarge)

Your visitors will appreciate your efforts and return to your site again and again for more useful content.  That, more than anything else, will help make you famous.

Take down your lame claim to fame.  Create content that people actually want.  And stop being an asshole.  Three simple things that anyone can accomplish…

Almost anyone.




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    Excellent! Never seen so nice post. Keep going on!

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