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Running Windows Programs On Linux

September 20, 2017

It is possible to install, launch and run a Windows-based PC program on a Linux desktop using Wine and…

PlayOnLinux banner and link

Both Wine and PlayOnLinux are available for free in your Linux distribution repositories.

If you have never used Wine before, you may need to configure Wine by going to:  Start Menu > Wine > Configure Wine and follow the on-screen prompts.  It doesn’t take long.

Next, insert the disc with the program you wish to install.  For this demonstration, I’ll be installing PopCap’s huge time-sucking vampire, Bejeweled 2.

Launch PlayOnLinux.

PlayOnLinux main screen

(Note:  The desktop theme has been changed temporarily to enhance these graphics.)

Click on “Install a program” and wait for PlayOnLinux to refresh.

PlayOnLinux selection dialog box

Click on “Install a non-listed program” or click the Refresh button if this option is not visible.

PlayOnLinux Wizard warning part 1

Click “Next.”

PlayOnLinux Wizard warning part 2

Click “Next.”

PlayOnLinux manual installation disclaimer

Click “Next.”

PlayOnLinux virtual drive selection dialog box

You should install each new program in its own virtual drive as a general rule.  Click “Next.”

PlayOnLinux virtual drive naming dialog box

You will need to give the virtual drive a name.  Usually the name of the program works best.  Click “Next.”

PlayOnLinux installation modification dialog box

You shouldn’t need to configure or modify anything.  You may need to hover over these selections before clicking “Next.”

PlayOnLinux 32 or 64 bit selection dialog box

You will need to know if the program you are installing is a 32 or 64 bit program, if you are using PlayOnLinux on a 64 bit operating system.  Bejeweled 2 is a 32 bit program.  Click “Next.”

PlayOnLinux virtual drive creation screen

PlayOnLinux will now create the virtual drive, which is nothing more than a folder in your Home directory.  When completed, click ‘Next.”

PlayOnLinux installation file location selection dialog box

You need to know the location of the installation files.  Click “Next” to launch the installer.

Bejeweled 2/Peggle Windows installer selection screen

Oh, isn’t that cool!  There are two games on this disc.  But for right now you just want Bejeweled 2.  Click “Install Now.”

PopCap installation dialog box

Here we go again!  Click “Next.”

PopCap license agreement

Click “I Agree.”

Bejeweled 2 Windows installer

Wait for the installation to finish.

PopCap opt-out dialog box

Opt out and click “Next.”

Program installation complete

Click “Done” and click the round red “Quit” on the Bejeweled 2/Peggle install selector.

(Note: Switching back to my original desktop theme for emphasis.)

PlayOnLinux launcher selection

The PlayOnLinux Wizard can create a desktop shortcut that will enable you to launch the program from a desktop icon.  The shortcut should link to an EXE file (as indicated above).  Click “Next.”

Naming dialog box for program launcher

Create a name for the new shortcut and click “Next.”

PlayOnLinux launcher completed

You can run the game from within PlayOnLinux or close the program and…

Linux desktop shortcut for Bejeweled 2

Launch the game directly from your desktop.

Bejeweled 2 running on Linux

Just like that!

Awesome.  Let’s do the same thing with Peggle by putting it in its own virtual drive.

Peggle installed by PlayOnLinux

It’s just that easy!

Peggle loading screen

Peggle welcome screen

Peggle running on Linux

The reason you want to place each program in its own virtual drive is in case you want to uninstall that program.  Launch PlayOnLinux and select the program you wish to remove.

Uninstall a program in PlayOnLinux

A new menu will appear with the option to uninstall the program.

Almost any Windows program can be installed using PlayOnLinux.  However, not every Windows program may be as fully compatible with Wine as Bejeweled 2 or Peggle.

PlayOnLinux is a free front-end program for utilizing Wine, but there is a similar commercial program by Codeweavers called CrossOver that is free to try before you buy.

Give PlayOnLinux a try.  Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have a huge time-sucking vampire that requires my immediate attention.

Let’s play!

On Linux.