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Generate Hundreds of Strong Passwords For Free

December 3, 2018

Creating strong random passwords has never been easier with Quicky Password Generator (version 1.2).

Quicky Password Generator main screen

This free program allows you to generate hundreds of passwords with just a few clicks.  Save your list to your computer’s clipboard to paste into a text file or simply create a text file directly.

You set the length of password characters or randomize the length the variable option setting.  Create hundreds of passwords or just a few, depending on your needs.

Quicky Password Generator makes hundreds of passwords instantly

No installation required.  Just double-click the .exe file to launch the program.

It works on Windows or Linux with Wine.

About Password Generator v1.2

Stay safe out there!




Still Using Windows XP

November 19, 2018

It’s estimated that 4.23% of all computers in use today are still running Windows XP.

Back!  It!  Up!

Northon Ghost 2003 logo

Before a disaster strikes, make sure that you have the operating system backed up to an image file.

Hard drives die, ransomware happens! Protect your data for free.

You have no one to blame but yourself.  You have been warned!

everything is 100% working

Thank you for uploading

— Baltasar Suchnummer

You’re welcome!

Replace Firefox With Other Firefox

October 19, 2018

The Mozilla Firefox web browser comes in two flavors:  regular and extra crispy.

Most of us just use the regular version.  However, the other version is slightly older and tends to be more stable.

Firefox Extended Support Release (ESR 60)
The new super-fast Firefox, with features for IT professionals to configure and deploy Firefox in their organization.

Don’t let that scare you.  Both flavors are fully supported and updated by Mozilla.  It’s just that the ESR version is maintained longer per version.  The current version of Firefox is 62.0.3, while the highest ESR version is 60.3.0.

Windows 7 through 10 users can “upgrade” to Firefox ESR by simply downloading their preferred language and bit (32 or 64) version.

Double-click the file to install.

Firefox ESR install setup wizard

Firefox ESR install setup type

Firefox ESR install location and upgrade

Firefox ESR installing

Firefox ESR install complete

And you’re done!

Firefox ESR 64-bit running on Windows 10 (1809)

In Windows, this will replace your current version of Firefox (if installed), but will not delete bookmarks or extensions.  It’s quick and painless.

Firefox ESR 32-bit running on Windows 7

Linux is a bit trickier to install.  If you are using an Ubuntu based OS, the easiest method is to add a PPA (Personal Package Archive) to your existing repositories.

Open a terminal and copy-and-paste the following command and hit [Enter]:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:mozillateam/ppa

Enter your super-secret password to add this repository to your system.

Open Synaptic and click reload button.  Search for firefox esr.  Install.  Then scroll down the list to find your desired language pack and install.  (I said it was trickier.)  This does not replace your current Firefox install.  Linux users will have both versions available.

Firefox ESR running on Linux Mint

It’s always nice to have options!

Microsoft Still Blocking Third-Party Browser Installs

October 11, 2018

Try to install Google’s Chrome browser in Windows 10 (1809) and receive this warning:

Microsoft Windows 10 (1809) blocks Chrome browser install

Despite the fact that Microsoft earlier claimed that this “feature” had already been removed for Windows 10.

According to this Softpedia article, “Microsoft has removed the warning displayed on Windows 10 preview builds that attempted to block the installation of Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.”

OMGWTFBBQ!!! Microsoft

To correct this issue, click on Change my app recommendation settings.

Apps settings default

Click on the down arrow to select a new option.

Change apps settings options

Select “Turn off app recommendations” by clicking on that option.

App settings default changed

Close the settings program, close the blocking window and install whatever you want.

Yes, Microsoft!  This is exactly why we hate the Edge browser.  Because you keep trying to ram it down our throats.


Running Classic MS Calculator on Windows 10

October 9, 2018

Calculator, a Windows program that has been around since the beginning of Windows, does not appear in the Programs > Windows Accessories menu in Windows 10.  Instead, you get the Math Input Panel.

Math Input Panel on Windows 10 (1809)

Math Input Panel About info

I looked and looked but could not find the Classic Calculator program icon.

There is a calculator in the Apps menu, but it’s not the same as my beloved Classic Calculator.

I had one of those…

"What the hell is this crap!?"


Where, oh where could my program be?

I held down the [Windows] key and pressed the [R] key to bring up the run command and typed calc.exe before hitting the [Enter] key.

Windows 10 (1809) version of calc.exe

Boom!  Well, not so boom.  This still isn’t the Classic Calculator from days of Windows yore.

Windows XP version of calculator standard

Windows XP version of calculator scientific

Here we go again!  Extract calc.exe from Windows XP and drop it into Windows 10 (1809).

Classic Windows calculator standard running on Windows 10 (1809)

Classic Windows calculator scientific running on Windows 10 (1809)

Boom!  There it is!

But you know something…  It looks better running on Linux with WINE than it does running on the newest version of Windows.

Windows calculator standard running in WINE on Linux

Windows calculator scientific running in WINE on Linux

The moral of our story:  Never mess with perfection!